VIM3 hardware V14

I purchased a couple of VIM3 hardware V14 last week. I have different images of Ubuntu 18.04 which were downloaded from khadas or built by me using fenix 1.0 and 1.2.2. All did not work, the board keep rebooting just after the boot screen logo appears.
I have flashed ubuntu 20.04 server (built using fenix 1.4) downloaded from khadas and built my own images with updated fenix 1.4.2 and both work without any problem.
My question is why hardware V14 does not boot from images built with old fenix?
Can I flash images built with fenix 1.4.2 to previous hardware such as V12?

Yes, the old images doesn’t work for the new V14 version.

The latest images work for all boards. You can also build images with current source code, it will also works.

Thank you @numbqq for your support.