VIM3 dual dash cam setup

Can any one advise how I would go about running a pair of dash cams (front and rear) into a VIM3 Android CarPC setup? Need small non-obtrusive cameras something like this:

So this would be a pair of NTSC composite inputs, I dont know how that would be done?
I dont think I could put them in on USB convertors as all USB ports are in use and I would think adding a USB hub with these on it would saturate the USB input…

Its an afterthought I would like to implement.


EDIT: I could also go with wired IP cameras like this one I suppose, need a eth switch onboard for that tho…

need a dual dash cam app for android…

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You might interest:


Hope someone will help you out :slight_smile:

BTW, may I know why you and other peaple like to DIY a CarPC using a SBC? As I think
there are quite many CarPC products for different cars in the market?

Have fun!

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Not all cars have ready-made bolt-on solutions. And those that we can buy are not distinguished by quality, design, performance or capabilities. Some have a bad display, others have a disgusting sound, etc. Therefore, we use various SBC which have a high potential in customization


So I’ve made my first car pc for and Acura RDX 09 install in June 2013 with odroid u2, made several updates screen, boards (xu4…vim), every 6-12 months, but finally in 2019 I’ve decided to stop this endless process and to move to 1din install with detachable 8" screen, screen cable is 1m long. 1 din 8" If you decide to do the similar setup I can share my full story.

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hey there :slight_smile: mostly because all the carpc setups I have seen are based around entertainment with GPS more as an afterthought and little that can be adapted to my preferences.

Also because this is intended for a motorcycle…

The things I want to run on the final system:

  1. Google maps GPS system hands free controlled via Bluetooth HSP/HFP - bluetooth helmet system.
  2. APRS tracking system via Ham radio. App that will be used is APRSdroid. This is for backwoods use, out of cell range.
  3. a self made app based on the MPGuino project:
  4. music… likely just spotify
  5. dash cam setup.

I have settled on using a RPI3b as an NVR and run Open Source Shinobi system as described here:

The RPI will be my black box, I plan to access this via a closed Ethernet network on the bike, the two IP cameras, the RPI and the eth0 port on the VIM3 will be on this network with no outside gateway and the VIM will access the internet via wifi AP’s like my home or whatever I find on the road - or tethered to my cell ph when I need to do so.

I have a long road ahead of me on the MPGuino adaptation tho :slight_smile: