VIM3: Domain: u-boot - cpupower is not compiled in the latest kernel

Describe the bug A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

Cannot found cpupower in latest 190830 image

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo cpupower
WARNING: cpupower not found for kernel 4.9.190

  You may need to install the following packages for this specific kernel:

  You may also want to install one of the following packages to keep up to date:

Expected behavior A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.

Able to set the governor at boot time

@giminni you can try to install the deb package in there.

@giminni I am not sure that It can work in 4.9 kernel . I didn’t find anything about 4.9. You can try to use 4.8 kernel version.