Vim3 as Bluetooth Edge Device

I am making the Vim into a remote device that can be connected wireless by any android phone.
This will be used in a commercial product.

Currently, the bluetooth needs me to accept the pairing on the Vim before it connects. But I cant do this on an remote device.

I have tried setting:
sudo hciconfig hci0 sspmode 1
sudo hciconfig noauth
bluetoothctl agent NoInputNoOutput

However, these do not work…

@K_W11 your vim3 is ubuntu firmware? if so,you can ask @Frank

@K_W11 @jack.zhao Please help this

@K_W11 Which version of firmware did you burn in vim3?

Yes it is the Ubuntu firmware burned in the vim3

Hello Frank.

Any help with the bluetooth on Linux (desktop) ?
I just want to remove the pin / password conformation for pairing. thats all