VIM3 as Android Media Center?

Hello, everyone!

I would like to purchase a Vim3 Pro and use it as a DIY Android Media Center but I got a few questions.

  1. Does Dolby Atmos (TrueHD not DD+) passthrough work?
  2. Does DTS-HD passthrough work?
  3. Does HDR output work?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hello! Yes, coreelec or Android (firmware from ugoos) is the best for your requirements.

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@mitzsch welcome to the community

please note Dolby Atmos and DTS won’t work, those are DRM locked proprietary things, HDR may work, but its content dependent iirc

if you want the best firmware for Media playback and Media center purposes, go
ahead for Coreelec instead of Android, it offers Hardware decoding for perfect media playback that can be offered


He asks about “passthrough sound”, and you talk about the license.

Androyd is also suitable if you use a MediaPlayer with transcoding such as Kodi, vimu, vlc. And for all HDR formats, the firmware from ugoos (port. 0.3.7)for vim3 is best suited, both AOSP and ATV.

passthrough or not, you still need a license, any proprietary technology used involves a license,

p.s your hacked Ugoos Firmware could lead you into a DMCA violation if it isn’t open source firmware, I’d be careful if you are going around with that and sharing copies of it, it the equivalent of Piracy, so please be careful of your actions

Many thanks for all the answers!

And Refreshrate/Resolution Switching (without a reboot) is working as well?

(HD Audio Passthrough should also work without a license - on x86 Linux it works just fine and i think no one over there paid any license fees)

It’s called “Copying”, you don’t seem to know anything about it, that’s your problem, watch the cartoon for now

“Copying is not theft”

ugoos, instead of contributing
(share knowledge and patches) in the Amlogic SDK, they took, edited the kernel and modules
from the Amlogic SDK and considered them their own.

Yes, everything is fine with that too, you can choose something from my first post

Awesome, the VIM3 will be purchased!

Just one more question, I just saw the khadas edge supports 10bit h264 decode… (nothing I really need, but nice to have) Is there any other benefit of using the edge instead of the vim3? (software support, reliability?) Or should I just stick with the vim3?

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There is a good firmware from mo123, everything is fine there, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for me there with sound forwarding, on Android 10 there is sound forwarding, but how long it will take for the mo123 to assemble a new ATV is difficult to say.

Thanks! So definitely the Vim3 will be purchased. :slight_smile:

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Good choice, good luck!

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