VIM3 Android Pie V190907 ROM Release

@Terry, do you have any roughly ETA for the next Android version for VIM3? Like 1-3 days, a week, two weeks? I guess it’s not far away since you released VIM3L_Pie_V191011.7z four days go…

Since the firmware mentioned above is listed under Khadas VIM3 Android Firmware, is it for both or only VIM3L? If it’s only for VIM3L, I would recommend separating VIM3 and VIM3L more as some ppl might actually use the wrong version…

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The HDMI VESA is in our list of plan. But it is need more times , and the next release ROM still don’t support this.
Thanks for your feedback.

I will release next ROM in two weeks.

Thanks for your suggestion and we will reconsider it.

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Is the next ROM based on 4.9 or 4.19?

Here is my sugestion where VIM3 and VIM3L are separated to prevent confusion:

Khadas VIM3 Android Firmware

Khadas VIM3L Android Firmware


Still 4.9. We were told by Amlogic that the upcoming Android Q also with 4.9.

BTW, Amlogic only build Android TV and no plan for AOSP which means that VIM3 and VIM3L will still stick on the version of Android Pie.


1、为什么新固件明明连上了WIFI 还是在顶上中间显示无互联网连接
2、如何关闭顶上中间的消息提示 几乎每个APP都要挂在那里

Terry, superceleron,
Dear developers, when watching HDR movies, HDR does not always work automatically, the function itself is on TV auto, I turned it off in the firmware settings. What can it be connected with? thank!
By reference, the most recent post, I give an example:



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Dolby Atmos is not working with this Rom.

need a license, it’s not here

In English please…

Atmos in Kodi works…

Next FW? a couple of months later?

Does Kodi Atmos work? Can you show this on tests or screenshots? Autumn is interesting!

hi Terry! I don’t have a big request, can you see if automatic scaling is possible? I have a 4K TV, and it does not scale the video to 1080, if I do it manually, then everything is in order!