VIM3 Android Pie HDMI resolution testing

This display is very bad. It support 1024x600 43Hz ONLY!!! It can not work on 50 or 60 Hz.

Is that a display interface bottleneck ? or some limitation of the onboard controller ?

I think it is some limitation of the onboard display controller. It works on Raspberry on 1024x600x43Hz

Where did you find this information? I was using it with Raspberry 3B+ at 1024x600 at 60Hz - even configuration says about:
hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0.
It was also working properly at 1024x600 at 60Hz with Khadas VIM3 with Ubuntu 4.9 (SD/USB version only) and Ubuntu 5.8. Also after connecting to my laptop it NVIDIA driver says it is 1024x600 at 60Hz.
And last thing as mentioned before - 720p 60Hz runs ok even with earlier Android images - the only thing is that image doesn’t fit the screen
Display controller is TI TFP401APZP (up to 1080p at 60Hz).

I told about this display with odroid board developer. He added support this display in odroid ROMs.

Also, I tested this display with native 1024x600x60 on VIM1 board. It did not work.

we had another user, @ClownMik, who has the same display with his VIM, and he was asking about the capacitive USB touch-panel support (it was solved by Archangel124),

and he had it work…
maybe we can verify with him …

well, firstly, here we are talking about vim3, and secondly Android

Are you sure you don’t have a fake one? There are a lot of them on the market and there are some problems with fake one?

Just to be clear…
This LCD which I have:

  1. It is WORKING with Raspberry at 1024x600 60Hz
  2. It is WORKING with Khadas VIM3 with Ubuntu with kernel 4.9 (SD/USB only) and Ubuntu with kernel 5.8
  3. It is WORKING with only Uboot mainline
  4. It is WORKING with Laptop with Windows 10 and NVIDIA graphics card
  5. It is NOT WORKING with Khadas VIM3 with Android 9 Pie…
  6. It is NOT WORKING with Uboot 2015

Systems from points 1 to 4 says it is 1024x600p60hz.

And YES it is the same LCD. It is even lying in almost the same place on the desk :smiley:

Photo and video proofs for point 4:

And YES - I’ve checked multiple power supplies, multiple images, multiple HDMI cables, USB cables. Still ONLY Khadas VIM3 with Android 9 Pie is not working.
I’ve even make a long-shot try and coppied Odroid N2 Uboot 2015 drivers (hdmitx, vout, vpu, osd, edid_parsing) to Khadas Uboot 2015 and it shows something - by manipulating with HDMITX, OSD and UI commands I can draw rectangle and write a text and it seems to be ok.

Do I really have to bring photos and videos from RPI and VIM3 with Ubuntu or can you just believe that it is a problem ONLY with VIM3 Android? :slight_smile:

Moreover I even don’t know it is really still a problem… Mainly, with this new image, Android doesn’t recognize LCD due to some EDID problems, so it doesn’t set resolution.
So it is why I’ve asked is there a possibility to force resolution on Android through serial console or adb?

I use the best LCD - n070icg-ld1, not this one.

This isn’t mine, it is another person’s display…
I am not sure it is verified original or not,

Oh, yeah just forgot you are asking about Android and not Linux, sry…

legacy kernel is a real pain, I just learned about it yesterday…
it is not only just resolution problem, but also screen rotation, as we have been facing it in linux 4.9 (not related to HDMI, but it shows the problems related to the BSP)

But this is only the panel… Car with best engine is just a punk of metal without good driver :smiley:

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also will become a punk of metal without any brakes… just saying :sweat_smile:

Of course it is just an LCD panel, you need to get your own driver board for it…


Anyway, UI still works on 1920x1080 in this ROM. It is not native resolution :slight_smile:

@davemf do you know any DSI based LCD compatible on the VIM3 7inches or bigger ?, there was some people asking about it, maybe you could recommend something for them…

Do they need HDMI LCD or not?

I only saw them talking of DSI displays…
Take a look here…

No, I don’t know. I use HDMI only and this is the best seller.

Ok, thank you…
If you do know anything please give them a hand…

we will help you first, and then we will help them

Why? have I become a VIP or something, lol
we have to help everybody equally, no ordering
(maybe in FIFO order, just to be fair…)