VIM3 Android IR Signal Monitoring

I’m working on a personal project involving IR signal monitoring using my device which is running Android OS.
What I’m trying to do is capture IR signals(only listening).
From what I’ve been able to find, Android does not support IR capture, only transmitting(through ConsumerIrManager).
If you know of any libraries or resources that could help me access IR data for monitoring, please let me know.
If you’ve done anything similar with IR signal monitoring on the KHADAS VIM3 or with Android in general, I would love to see your repos to learn more.


Hello, can you describe in detail what scenario you want to apply in?

Broadly speaking, I want to use the receiver to detect and analyze signals from other IR transmitter devices.
The end goal is a kind of universal remote. At the moment, I need access to the raw IR data that my device detects when remotes are being used around it, since I want to perform some data analysis on it as well (like being able to check if a currently working transmitter is close to needing replacement).
Since I want this to be an app, I’m trying to find a solution that does not involve working outside of the Android OS.

Recently I have been dealing with the raw data problem of the following IR. See if this is the same as the raw data you need.