VIM3 4,5'' - 5'' Display?

Hi there!

I’m looking for an easy to use Display for VIM3 to connect via MIPI-DSI

for my Project I need a Display near to 75,5 mm x 93,5mm … but i don’t found one in the right resolutions or connector -.-’

I plan it to build it in a Pip-Boy 2000 … so i have not much space for thick Display Boards

If someone can help me to find one would be nice :-3

Hello and Welcome !
Did you check out the Khadas TS050 screen ?

It is a 5 inch MIPI-DSI display with small bezels, should fit your project perfectly, check it out…

yes, especially since the display is from the manufacturer :wink:

Also has no problems with functionality or quality, and our wide community to help with problems and queries :smiley:

yes, he very well entered the forum!

thanks for your fast Answer!

I have one of this but it does not fit for this Project so I looking for a smaller one

in the case … fit max 92,2mm x 105,05mm
and the Display Part is 75,5 mm x 93,5mm …

Hmm, seems shorter and wider than the TS050…
the problem however with other display is that you need to modify some files and compile it to get it working…

If you can decide on some displays we can help you shortlist them…
Remember you need the following to be compatible…

30pin MIPI DSI, 4x lanes and max resolution of 1080x1920

yes, the problem may only be in the software