VIM3/3L Ubuntu 22.04 Linux 5.15 testing images are available now

Hello Folks,

Here we uploaded the new kernel version 5.15 of Ubuntu 22.04 for VIM3/3L, you can install it online with USB Tool.

NOTE: It is not final release, so be aware of bugs.

The feedback from your side are welcome~

Change logs:

  • Same features as 4.9 kernel
  • New features from 4.9 kernel
    • Hardware accelected Wayland desktop, including Vulkan support
      $ sudo apt update
      $ sudo apt install vulkan-tools
      $ wget
      $ sudo dpkg -i vulkan-tools_1.3.204.0+dfsg1-1_arm64.deb 
      $ vkcube-wayland
    • Hardware decoding & encoding with Gstreamer

Known issues:

  • MIPI screens not working (WiP)
  • MIPI + HDMI dual display not working (WiP)
  • MIPI cameras not working (WiP)
  • WiringPi not ready (WiP)
  • Overlays not ready (WiP)
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Have been testing out H264 decoding. Seems to be working on files, but now testing rtsp streams.

WIthout -c:v h264_v2l2m2m parameter this works but with that, the VIM3 resets and this is the final output: