VIM2 with vTV auto boot


I bought a Khadas VIM2 with a VTV board.
I downloaded and installed the VIM2_Nougat_vTV_V171024 ROM, but now not booting after plug in the power. Need to press the power button.

Im beginner. How can i setup it to auto boot when i connect the power.

Thank you!

Hi oconnel:
Yes, the VIM2 designed with a onboard MCU to manage the power, and we develope KBI to do the configuration.
I’m not quite sure that your question is VIM2 or vTV:

  • Maker sure that you the vTV board need a independently power supply.
  • VIM2 already set as auto boot when plug-in the DC, if you device not, can you check again over the command below:
kvim2# kbi trigger dcin r


You can follow the documents below for the KBI details:

After i installed the vtv rom the Khadas’s auto boot works well when plugged in the (usb-c) power.
Now the auto boot not works if i plug in the DC to the vTV board or USB-C to the khadas or at the same time.

I need to buy this to send the command?

Thank You!

Yes, it should works, but you seems not need to buy this at the moment, see the reply below.

If you connect vTV with VIM2, only need plug the DC-IN on vTV board, no need use USB-C cable on VIM2, the vTV board will supply the power for VIM2

Have fun!

I checked it with the “kbi trigger dcin r” command. It was turned on, what i tried turn off the WOL and it solved my issue.

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