VIM2 with 1440p support?

Hi, just bought an VIM2 in hope to be able to use with my touchscreen monitor Acer Monitor T272HUL with resolution 2560 × 1440. It seems that Android does not support this out of the box. Do you know if possible to get the 1440p resolution with any firmware, Android, Linux, or something else? My first preference would still be Android.
Any hints/suggestions much appreciated - A

Hello! Look … I’m hoping for months to be able to use the vim at 2560x1080 resolution (full HD Ultra Wide), but I do not think we’ll ever have the proper support. I am very disappointed with the speed of innovations of Khadas vim2. I hope Khadas Edge has better support, but I’ll wait and I will not be an early adopter of it. I will make a very conservative choice of my next SBC. Before you say that I’ve never asked for support regarding the resolutions … I have several topics here and never got a solution.

Already have solutions here:

have fun!

Hi Guawa, i am not sure there is a solution there yet. I searched the entire thread but could not find any hint to 1440p :-(.

@jcpuga, looks like as you said. Not sure why such big market of non-smart screen is missed out for general-purpose mini-computers

Hi Gouwa, any news regarding customer resolution for VIM2? like 2k 2560 × 1440? Without such custom resolutions, the “general purpose” idea for VIM2 is really missed. Do you have any plan regarding this?
Thanks a lot,