VIM2 WiFi driver

I’d like to add VIM2 WiFi and BT support in my LibreELEC builds. Can someone who has the board tell me please:

  • What is the name of WiFi module used for VIM2? This should be visible in lsmod
  • What is the result of modinfo wifi_module_name?
  • What are WiFi chip vendor and ID of VIM2 WiFi chip?
  • Is BT firmware in Ubuntu loaded by hciattach?

Thank you in advance for providing this information. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, kszaq:
VIM2 specs with 2 different Wi-Fi and BT modules for different models:

  • VIM2 Basic: AP6356S
  • VIM2 Pro & Max: AP6359SA

Both the two modules vendor are AMPAK and the chipset is Broadcom:

  • AP6356S: BCM4356
  • AP6359SA: BCM4359

For further details, you can refer VIM2 Specs and Schematic on Khadas Docs.

PS: take a look at your PM. :wink:


Thank you for the information but chip model is not enough for me to identify which driver I need to include. There are 5 of them in your GitHub repo and it’s a bit confusing therefore I asked for specific runtime information in OP.

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VIM2 is same ways with VIM1, refer here:

Chip ID is:

chip=0x4354, chiprev=2, name=nvram_ap6356.txt
chip=0x4359, chiprev=9, name=nvram_ap6359sa.txt
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