VIM2 Vs. VIM3L dang im crazy

So after messing with all these boxes i have i got a $40. S912 box from Amazon and it worked good and i was kinda shocked at its performance just the look and how smooth the video was. I could never really find any sort of head to head tests on the VIM2 vs. the VIM3L but just using those 2 chips i didnt see alot of difference other then the S912 looks better.

I kept reading the S905X3 is better its a new chip this and that but IMO it doesnt look as clean as the S912

I finally got Pie to install on my Vim2 and was then able to run Antutu

So this is kinda how i see it with my eyes, if the 905X3 is better i didnt see much difference

The VIM3L scored better but what the VIM2 did is about what ive seen from many 905X3s if that The VIM3L is by far the better value for its performace but if the VIM2 was priced the same i think ide prefer the VIM2 it also comes with more memory options then the VIM3L

Im glad i got the VIM2, but now im curious about the VIM1 :crazy_face:



Oh dear, I think you might have the SBC fever. Many of us here have it, and yet there is no support group. :smile:

Ive had it,

3 firesticks, 2 shields pro and tv tube, 4 Khadas units, and about 12 of the cheaper made china boxes


Yes, you got it bad. :laughing:

Bruh, I don’t know much about any other SBC on the market, but I do know that a VIM3 can smoke… both of those boards combined, :sunglasses:

And yes I also have suffered SBC fever, Seems like there is no cure :laughing:

yes the Vim3 is my fastest SBC, The shield might be my fastest tv box though

Yeah, that Tegra chip is way ahead of any current device

you messed up with Nvidia, mate

ArE YoU SuRe ???

does the term Nvidia Tegra X1, ring a bell?

Yes, that’s what I wanted to say, and you?

NVIDIA Tegra - a family of systems on a chip (SoC - System-on-a-Chip), developed by NVIDIA

Yes, exactly, remember I said Tegra Chip,

Why are you confusing me mate :sweat_smile:

Why are you deceiving Khadas fans?

Hey mate, it is a Tv Box, it is practically useless for developers/tinkerers like me :grin:

you’re wrong , buddy, craftsmen are needed there too

It is basically dependent on one’s requirement, you cannot run linux on it and do other things :slight_smile:

Now they are also beginning to do, some craftsmen

Could you define craftsmen ? are you thinking about like people who are making cases ?

I did not delve into, however, I saw on the Internet