VIM2 vs. VIM3L benchmarks?

I ask nothing, I like everything!

The VIM3L i have is 2/16, The VIM2 is 3/32

VIM3L is still faster? say for games or benchmark?

you can do the tests yourself, but approximately I described to you

ok, well VIm3L kit complete with heatsink, fan, case (metal plate) and board is $105. shiped

VIM2 board, case, fan, heatsink is $140. shipped so i was curious why VIM2 is $40. more

business laws dictate terms

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In any case, S912 would not be my first choice, as it appears AML has abandoned that SoC. No SDK updates for quite some time. That being said, I like the S912.
@BowerR64 Update: It seems I spoke too soon regarding updates. Much to my pleasant surprise, VIM2 gets update to Android 9 preview ROM. Good to see.


I think its because people are scared of CoreELEC

When i got mine the auction said preinstalled with CoreELEC but also said Android 9

Lucky it wasnt my first box i may not of kept it because i had no clue how to flash these things a few months ago.

I must say these things are confusing, there is so many different ways to do the same thing it isnt even funny. Now Khadas has its own way of doing it also

Each chip maker seems to have its own tool to use and if you get it wrong you have a paper weight

It should be noted that Khadas SBCs are extremely resistant to bricking. Providing no hardware fault exists, permanent bricking is unlikely.

Yes, with a variety of flashing methods it can be confusing, however, after doing it a few times, it gets much easier and predictable. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, i flashed the EDGE and VIM3L and they were a snap

Its hard to want to learn on these machines though. I think of them as my best units.

The boxes i gave $40. im not as concerned about because i can just throw them out if they get to a point i cant recover em. Ide never think of that with these

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I understand, you don’t want to risk your best devices. That being said, due to the versatility offered by SBCs as opposed to a TV box, I am more tempted to take chances on the SBCs because more can be gained. Still, I don’t want to lose them. I have 6-7 TV boxes, not counting the Khadas SBCs, for the most part, the TV boxes set on the shelf, I spend all of my device time on the VIMs and Edges.


I had a vision for the S912,
they could have Increased the max frequency from 1.5 to 1.8 GHz and The 1.2 to 1.5 GHz why not even 1.8 on all cores ?
but of course they could make it from a better Fab process maybe 12nm or 8nm,
bring back proper support and call this new chip S912x2, Just saying :slightly_smiling_face:

hi, then he would be just like an iron for ironing

Yes I understand that t would be thermally super-unstable (assuming that such a state exists) :rofl:
but that’s why included a change in the Fab process,

by the way, this is the only eight-core processor on the market

@Vladimir.v.v That is actually not true,
Check these SBC which also have octa core Arrangements, :slightly_smiling_face:

I remembered better , Nvidia Shield

what we are talking about, for different tasks, I’m talking more about tv box


ok, I understand your point, but all those other boards have a little something missing,

the one that you dropped the link, there 1/8, I wonder what it is for?

could you be a bit more specific, the one with octa core and 1 gig RAM ?
this one?

Yes, you understood correctly

It is not near the s912 according to the characteristics