VIM2 V1.2 gets hot even in idle state

I recently got my VIM2 v1.2. Even if its load is 2-4% the CPU is at 66 celsius.

I use Armbien 23.11.1 and I have only the default acrylic case.

Is this ok or is this temperature too high?

The CPU will throttle itself if things get too hot, but that brings performance issues for your apps so the recommendation would be to use active cooling with a heatsink and fan, or the larger full-width heatsink if you need to run the board somewhere quiet that needs passive cooling. The SoC running higher temps than expected is a general issue with all S912 devices, it’s nothing specific to VIM2.

Thanks for the replay!

I am actually unsure if the passive vim heatsink is compatible with the Vim2 V1.2. I found the fallowing:

A large heatsink would be great.

The full-width heatsink fits all VIM2 models (mounting holes are the same on all the boards). It doesn’t cool as much as the heatsink and fan … but silence is worth a few extra ºC when everything’s in a quiet room.

That sounds good!
“A few extra ºC”…
Do you have measurements?

None that come to mind. It’s been a while since I had a VIM2 in test rotation; I tend to end up using boards that need some attention not the boring ones that don’t :innocent: