Vim2 Ubuntu Screen res boxed

I have a vim2 connected to a 4k TV and I just installed “VIM2_DualOS_Nougat_Ubuntu-16.04_V171028”. It works fine with android but when I switch to Ubuntu I get a desktop of 1920x1080 taking up a quarter of the screen eg desktop takes up the upper left of the screen the other ¾ is blank. How can I set the resolution to 4K or alternatively get the 1920x1080 to display properly on the whole screen? It used to work correctly with VIM2_DualOS_Nougat_Ubuntu-16.04_V170818.

Hi rosenblat,

Yes, It’s a bug. Becase Ubuntu doesn’t support 4K. You can switch to Android, enter Settings->display->screen resolutions, change the resolution to 1080P and reboot to Ubuntu.