VIM2 Pro (Android v7.1 Nougat) + vTV - Khadas Remote Control vs vTV Remote Control

Hello All !..

2020-11-05 :
I’ve experienced an “issue” vith my Khadas VIM2 TV Box (VIM2Pro - Android v7.1 Nougat +vTV-board+Tone-board), vTV Remote Control and Khadas Remote control…

When the Box is in power down state :
I can power it ON with the Khadas RC, BUT, not with the vTV RC.

When the Box is in power up state :
I can use both RC to power it OFF, BUT, while the vTV RC really powers down the VIM2, the Khadas RC powers down the VIM2 BUT immidialely powers it UP (acts as REBOOT)…

Anyhow, VIM right-side power button really acts as power up/down when I uses my finger :wink:
In Android Pie, VIM Power button is configured as shutdown…

2020-11-12 :
New experience with both my Khadas boards-sandwich VIM2 (Andoid v7.1 Nougat+vTV-board+Tone-board), VIM3 (Andoid v9.0 Pie NO add-on boards), vTV and Khadas RC…

( [on/off] means : red On/Off button on the RC)
RC / VIMs VIM 2 on->off VIM 2 off->on VIM 3 on->off VIM 3 off->on
vTV RC key [on/off] [6] ? [on/off] no buttons !?!
Khadas RC key [on/off] (reboot !) [on/off] [on/off] [on/off]

Looking spreadsheet, we can see that :
Khadas RC works fine with stan-alone VIM3 BUT, not with the boards-sandwich VIM2 ! Why ?

Same OS, what is the difference ?

vTV-board on VIM2 ?
No IR receptor on vTV-board, so it can’t be a source of conflict…

Boards sandwich VIM2 powered through vTV-board ?
vTV 12v, 1.5A power adaptor too light for both VIM2, Tone-board and vTV-board ?
vTV-board powers 5V to VIM2-board throught 6 “Pogo” pins.
Didn’t find in vTV-board documentation what 5V power level vTV-board can deliver to the VIM2…

( /!\ informations for VIM2 v1.2 & VIM3 v12 -- VIM3 v13 I(out)=1.7A and 1.3A=3.4A MAX Switching Limit)
Boards / U/I U(in) I(in) U(out) I(out)
Tone-board (USB-C) 5 500mA - -
VIM2 v1.2 (USB-C) 5-9V (5V recommanded) 3A (Switching Limit) 5V (USB2.0) 1x900mA - 1x 500mA
vTV-board 12V 1.5A (Adapter Limit) 5V (Pogo) ? (Pogo)
VIM3 v12 (USB-C) 5-20V 2A 5V 2A MAX (1x900mA - 1x 500mA)

Looking spreadsheet, we can see that :
vTV-board adapter can give limited amount of power 12V 1.5A.
vTV-board can give 5V to VIM2 BUT we don’t know how mutch power vTV-board 5V regulator can give to VIM2 via Pogo pins…
Tone-board need 5V-500mA

Even if I install more powerfull 12V adapter on vTV power socket (up that the original 1.5A), we don’t know id the vTV 5V regulator can give more power to the VIM !

What next ? …
Will try to connect USB-C 3.5A adapter on Boards-sandwich VIM2 to see if it makes a difference…

2020-11-14 :
Connecting a USB-C 3.5A adapter on Boards-sandwich VIM2 didn’t change anything…

Made new update of the post, something went wrong with the pictures I’ve posted :slightly_frowning_face:
Have to aplologise to eberybody, I’ve made a mistake with my VIM2 embeded operating system, Android v7.1 Nougat is the right one, and not Android v9.0 Pie. Android v9.0 Pie is only embeded on my VIM3, sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth: … but I don’t think it makes a difference…

Questions :
Has anybody experienced the same “issue” ?
Has anybody a solution to use both Remotes Control to power ON/OFF
Has anybody a solution to use Khadas Remote Control to really power OFF the VIM

In facts, has anybody a solution ? :wink:

Hello! I think you yourself have to decide for yourself which one is more convenient for you, in fact, you certainly need one remote control, it is desirable that it be possible to train buttons on it for another remote control, it can be third-party remotes

Hello Vladimir.v.v,…

I have also already thought of programming a third-party remote control so that I only have one to handle, that’s one solution, but a bit boring, sorting out the functions of the two remote controls and programming them one by one.