[VIM2] ony my box tv: M8S PLUS II

hi see my box tv :

CPU is amlogic s912, i installed VIM2, works perfect!!!

but i need fix something:
-front display time lock (how i can fix it?)

-Bluetooth: always send me message: info app or app close, i click close app, many times…so i go notification and turn on and turn off, messages is stop…
maybe not work… or need to fix it?

-not TURN OFF MACHINE: but it works “shut down androidtv” but led is blue keep (not led red), when i unplug AC led is off, and plug in AC led is RED, when i click button turn on, led red becomes to led blue…

i install netflix (android) but needed with mouse…i want not this, but i did try installed netflix for TV (androidTV) installed works but not work open netflix because get me error : error 13

that netflix (android) works but not work with remote controller… so it is needed with mouse clicks… :frowning_face: how will fix this netflix (androidtv)…?

-Ethernet LAN
-ddr3 3GB RAM
-storage 32GB
-remote controller (TV) ( 80% works but missing buttons 20%, maybe i will fix it? how?

Krescue (Khadas-Rescue-OS) IS EXCELLENCE!!!

Hello! I think that your TV box has nothing to do with the Khadas community.
But in any case, welcome!

oh…im sorry…but i need androidTV on my box tv last version of androidtv , i dont find other rom than vim2…
i did try install "atvxperience: but not work with remote, something not work apps…instead VIM@ is high stable with my box tv fluid…

but there are guide for fix:
-front display lcd time clock?
-fix pad key for remote controller: remote.conf? where i can fix it, what is show key pad in command feedback?

  • is it works shut down (turn off box tv)?

thank you

@manuel_songokuh I believe asking these question would be more appropriate on freaktab forums :slightly_smiling_face:

everything about Tv boxes and Firmwares are discussed there,