Vim2 N - test build


My test builds of vim2 N

Download link is here.

Haven’t had time to flash.



New Vim2 Nougat build (08.10.) for testers.

It is here. md5:4e8f3c034c2427748dbde4f59ba16e23



Details about your build pls?


Just an fresh build from khadas github, nothing else.



Hi all,

here is a new Vim2 build 10/10/2017 with updated SuperSU 2.82 and with gapps included.

Download md5:1cd6221af79b4a3db21cff3acea9d163

Flashed it and all seems to work.

Simple instructions how to flash it:

  1. copy to internal memory or sdcard.
  2. reboot into recovery (by using app from playstore or trough terminal app)
  3. update over EXT (select where is the copy of zip file)
  4. optional clean the cache
  5. reboot

Have fun:slight_smile:


Update via settings > System Update doesn’t work, right?


I haven’t tried that way.

Update over recovery worked for me.



New build 04/12 with khadas MultiOS U-BOOT is on its way. [md5: 39b7b0fe395144354fab4e326e626181]