Vim2 Microsoft ergo 4000 keyboard does not work

I want to use USB hid keyboard.
It is Microsoft ergo 4000 I am input to all USB ports and it doesn’t work. Can you tell me why?

@Zetosusel which one firmware you used ?

@Frank I am using ubuntu for servers Emmc with the latest kernel from github of khadas.

@Zetosusel Do you mean you frimware was build with fenix ?

@Frank my firmware was downloaded from the khadas file server version for emmc instlalled from Linux and it is server version of ubuntu.

@Zetosusel Give me the link which you download . I will test it .

@Frank it is link to the webpage i downloaded the firmware

It is working @Frank when I upgraded the kernel to version 5.5

@Zetosusel Hello , I don’t have a microsoft ergo , but I have test with other keyboard, it work fine .