VIM2 Krescue kernel panic


After installation version(using script) I got a problem: my vim2 doesn’t load because it has a kernel panic.

I tried to fix this situation, but I couldn’t use upgrade mode: either with the buttons or with m-register mode. Every krescue starts and fails.

How do I enter update mode and get my vim 2 back?

Hello, You may want to erase eMMC and repeat trying with Krescue or the USB Burning Tool.
That being said, M-register should work, either with keys method or shorting M contacts.

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Hello everyone ! Apparently, you are working through the terminal, I would advise you to write the Krescue image to sd-card, then select the eMMC cleaning method in Krescue itself, and also select the image you like, so you do not need to restore your vim differently! good luck!

By the way, cleaning eMMC in Krescue allows you to bypass all kinds of manipulations to restore the board :slightly_smiling_face:

you did not pay attention?

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Possibly, but the user said Krescue failed to boot.

But yes, I have not had much time on Krescue, need to polish my Krescue skills.:slightly_smiling_face:

direct writes to emmc via mega script recommend only for expert users or special situation if u dont have any other choose !

BUT you situation is not big problem

just write krescue to SD -> plug SD + ( ethernet ) -> reboot system -> and complite your installation

Thank you for all your replies!

My problem was in my SD card. I changed the sd card, wrote the rescue image on it, and then everything went well (I installed the coreelec image from the internet to emmc).

But I still don’t understand what happened with the upgrade mode? Why doesn’t it work even through the m-register?

this one a first reason why im not recommend use SD as system base ! (poor quality sd or contacts pins oxidized over time )

But I still don’t understand what happened with the upgrade mode?

if u short m-register properly (plz try clean contacts ) - system can start only from sd (like your system without emmc) - pins must be shorted before board will be powered and released after !!!

if u install already any os via krescue - next krescue boot from sd card more easy just plug SD card and reboot

Thanks a lot for everyone!