VIM2 freeze when connected to wifi

I flash to my VIM2 ubuntu image to be precise: VIM2_Ubuntu-server-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V20190320
When I start VIM2 it’s working fine for several hours. But when I connect to wifi after few minutes it freeze display is black device is disconnected and I have to reboot it.
What could be cause of this? Before I had AndroidTV and it was working fine even on wifi.

Hello, I am not running Ubuntu at the moment. Generically, I would check the power supply to make sure it is providing 5 volts, at 2 amps or greater.
While I realize it would seem if the power supply worked on ATV, it should work on Ubuntu. But those two OS may present a different load to the power supply, one being more demanding. If the power supply was marginally supplying ATV, another OS may demand more. When the WiFi is on, possibly it increase the load past the power supply’s ability to provide enough current at the required voltage. Insufficient power can cause system freeze, requiring reboot.
Certainly it could be something else entirely, but if you have a suitable substitute power supply, wouldn’t hurt to try it.

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You are right it was power supply. With 2A mobile USB charger it works just fine.