VIM2 Firewall Router?

I have seen some mention the possibility of using the VIMs as a router. For VIM2 with it’s Gigabit LAN, maybe Zeroshell has a solution. Supported devices include Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi devices. Maybe Zeroshell could be ported to the VIM2.
This subject is above my pay grade, but I thought it might be of interest to some.
From CNX.


I’ve set up VIM2 as a home router using the Armbian based Ubuntu server image created by @balbes150.
I had to add some kernel modules because the default setup was not suitable for iptables and lacked some key functionality.
I did it without reflashing the EMMC, so it’s (almost) painless.
Now I have shorewall running :slight_smile:

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ZeroShell looks very complete. Not sure where to find source code though…

Hello, I found this reference to source code.
It references their download section, though I don’t know if it helps.

BTW, I sent an email to Zeroshell, introducing the VIM2, maybe they can help.

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did you get any answer from Zeroshell?

Hello, I did, meant to post it, I forgot to do so. Here is the reply…

many thanks for the advice. That hardware appears a good solution for running a small and cheap router/firewall system.
I will take in consideration the possibility to support it in the future. Probably not in a so near future anyway.


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