VIM2 fan on VIM1?


As stated in another post, I recently purchased the new fan and heatsink by Khadas from Gearbest.

Heed this if you’re planning to do the same. The fan was advertised on Gearbest for the “VIM” and included several borrowed product images. I finally received the two, put the heatsink and fan on my VIM1 and realized that the fan uses the tiniest connecter that I’ve never seen before. Turns out they sent me the fan for the VIM2.

Is there an adapter or reputable seller where I can get the correct fan or be able to use this one sent to me?


The Fan is only for VIM2, not available for VIM1. And we will ask Gearbest to correct the information for it. @willow

As I know, there is no adapter to suit the suit that, sorry for the trouble :wink:

Have fun!


Thank you for the clarification!

I’m going to attempt changing the fan’s pigtail so I can attach it to the GPIO.