VIM2 Cooling Fan & Heatsink


I recently purchased a VIM2 Box with S912 and surprise…it gets incredibly hot. Gearbest recently added a heatsink and fan but there is very little if any information available on www about how to install it and would have a few questions.

  1. Are these compatible with Vim2 box?
    2 Assuming they are compatible, Would I need any other hardware/adapters/ screws to install them on the Vim2 box? Anyone knows is if there is any documentation/ guide available?

Im referring to the following items on gearbest:

Im also not sure what would the best power source for this, im currently using it with 1.5Am Nokia charger but Ive seen posts where it suggest a 3 am or 2.4 source.

thank a lot for your feedback.

Hello, I don’t have the heatsink or fan yet, but each comes with required mounting hardware. In addition, the heatsink comes with thermal pad. The heatsink mounts to holes(4) on the VIM2’s PCB, the fan mounts to holes in the heatsink. On the VIM2, the fan connects to a fan header on the PCB, it can be controlled via the settings in Android. See here for mounting example.

You may be interested to know a new case is also coming soon.

The VIM’s recommended power supply is 2 amp or greater. See for more info. Khadas also offers a supply for the VIMs.

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I tested new cooling system.

It’s perfect!
25 degrees was in the room.
AnTuTu 3D tests:


this is a screen touch?

no, this is very cheap screen without touchscreen.
If you need IPS sceen with touch, you can see this display and touch

COOL !!..thanks for the detailed post!
I see you have a custom case, do you know if I install the heatsink and the fan…do I need to give up the original case all together or it can work?

is the new fan noisy? I know before it was quite noisy.

If you modify the old case, it can be installed radiator.
The cooler is quite noisy.