VIM2 Android/Ubuntu stock dual boot

Hi all,

Sorry very much for n00b question below Q:
I am familiar with some s905x boxes but not (yet) with VIM2. I better get one soon :slight_smile:

I did read some of the VIM(2) docs. Very well documented!

Q: I watched gearbest VIM2 video and I could not follow how one boots into Ubuntu.
Does one need the ‘Serial Debugging Tool’
(to connect via terminal emulator and give u-boot commands)?
Or can one boot straight from Android into Ubuntu and vice versa
(with some dedicated application or linux CLI)?
Or maybe some special button combinations must be used?

Congratulations with this cool and unique DIY box.

If you flash the ROM ‘VIM2_DualOS_Nougat_Ubuntu-16.04_V170818’ , you can boot into Ubuntu from Android.

We will add support for multi boot with special button combinations in the future.

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