VIM2 Android crash on startup with HID device plugged in

Hi all forumites.

I’ve finally figured why my VIM2 crashes 8/10 times when starting up. I have a USB dongle plugged in for a airmouse. This airmouse has a normal HID interface and should not crash anything on startup as far as I can figure. It works on everything also. This includes other Android devices, Windows and OSX.

Can anybody confirm that an HID USB interface crashes the latest (and previous) version of Android on VIM2?

Hi riaana:
Which USB port you used? Kindly try the 900mA port if your USB device need higher load:

If you problem still not resolved, kindly specify more details about the problem you met, basically, we want to know:

  • The USB device information, a purchase link also fine
  • a simple video will be helpful.
  • Others

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for replying …

I’ve plugged in the dongle on both ports and had the same experience. I will get the HID info asap and will get a video of the startup failing.

Thank you once again for replying …

Hello, What power supply is powering your VIM2? A 2 amp, or better, power suppy is recommended.

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I’m using a 2.5A PSU. The same ones used for a Raspberry Pi … I don’t think it’s a power issue though.

I’m using this airmouse:

I don’t see any relevant specs on it though.

Did you use Micro-USB to USB-C converter?

I’m using the standard USB-C cable that came with the VIM2. The power supply is a standard 2.5A phone charger look alike wall adapter. I hope that makes sense. I’ll try and get a video later today.

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