Vim2 3d MVC Playback


I own a Vim2 and would like to play 3d mkv videos with 3d mvc stream (1080p) on a 4k TV. So I am looking for a player that plays these videos as full side by side or full over/under.

What is the best way to achieve this?

I tried the standard android image for the Vim2 and installed Kodi (17.6). Kodi recognizes that the video is 3d, asks for the playback mode, but plays it 2d no matter the choice. The pre-installed media center correctly plays over/under (not sure whether full resolution) but does not play sound. Anyway this shows that the hardware acceleration for 3d mvc is working.

Is there some trick to get Kodi working correctly?

What other players would you suggest?

Are there other images where 3d mvc playback works out of the box?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.