Vim2 1.4, 3d printer Klipper applications

New to the forum and looking for a little help, as some know Most people opt to use the raspberry pi to control their 3d printer, whether it be, octoprint,klipper/mainsail/fluid.

I refuse to pay the recent prices for a raspberry pi, so I have 3 vim 2’s 1.4 model.
I’ll be installing klipper firmware with mainsail via guides available online for Debian distro of Linux unless
do we have a working emmc image of octopi that anyone knows about?
does someone have the latest ubuntu build image for the vim2 basic 1.4.
the only image from the downloads i can get to load is the dual boot android/ubuntu everything else is giving me uboot_errors, rootfs errors etc, when trying to flash via the usb burning app, 2.2.0 and 2.2.4
I have tried on 2 separate systems, a laptop and a desktop, all 3 fail for the same reasons, 99% then red error i have tried 6 different usbc leads, all known working 2 of which are overly expensive and work, with other devices flawlessly.

Also I’m going to ask if someone could be kind enough to help me out, i suffer from adhd/asd and learning difficulties.
I am extremely hands on and try my best to understand, how thing’s work and why. however my brain often clouds or fogs, the reason I have mentioned this is, it makes it extremely difficult for me to perform even simple task’s when I comes to making things work software side, from a low level, even typing this what I’d label as an essay for me is difficult and i praise spell checker for helping me lol.
but I’m looking to add a few features that in all honesty i wouldn’t know where to begin or even if it’s possible, if someone could help me at least get started, and possibly helping me to add certain custom features if possible these would possibly include, porting a big-tree tech tft35 v3.0 to maybe a status screen, showing basic information, this is an stm based screen, that uses a custom build of marlin usually, in sync with marlin firmware which is flashed to the 3d printer as firmware, some may know others may not, so giving as much info as i can i guess, again thats the adhd in me and if you find me saying the same thing please excuse me and point it out that you’ve understood what i’ve said to avoid confusion on my part. theres a few thing’s but possibly using that screen as a monitor doesn’t neccaserialy have to be touch functional as i know and understand that can be time consuming, but a basic port to shw system info,and other basic stuff would be awesome.

but 1st thing i need to figure oit why i can’t seem to get any flavour loaded into the vim2’s accept the precompiled dual boot img