VIM1v14 VIN and RTC connectors' types

Hello! I want to use external source to power up my VIM1v14 board instead of USBtypeC port. What connector should I use and what pinout does VIN port have ? Also I need stable RTC and I have the same question about RTC Battery port: what pinout does it have and what connector type ? Which battery should I use?

Hello, Have a look here. According to the VIM1(ver 1.4) Schematic, it and the VIM3 use the same VIN connector.

Also according to the schematic, the RTC connector is labeled as a DERSM02B-SURS-TF.

From the VIM1 ver 1.4 SILK, the RTC header orientation and pin assignment is shown…

The schematic will show pin 2 as ground, this can be confirmed with a multimeter…
VIM-VER1-4 RTC headerSch-

Hope it helps.


Thanks for help ! Any info about battery type for RTC?

Not sure on this, I would assume a 3v coin cell similar to a CR2032.
Similar to these, for example only…
Example 1.
Example 2.

By the way, Pinout for VIN connector. From the board pictures you posted, looking at the VIN connector, you will notice a small triangle, that is pin 1…
VIM-VER1-4 VIN header-

And from the SILK…