VIM1S Linux force 800x480 screen resolution

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

built from last sources on github debian 11 from Fenix

Please describe your issue below:

Debian 11 cannot show login screen on wavveshare 5’’ HDMI touch LCD

my question is:
how force screen resolution to 800x480 screen resolution from Fenix sources to compile, to fit my 5’’ LCD Screen?

Maybe this resolution is not supported, and we are working on more resolutions support.

thanks for reply, is possible to know the time about have that resolution compatible?, cos I’ll need to use 5’’ LCD for KlipperScreen and klipper for my 3D Printer (Installation - Klipper documentation)
thanks in advance.

Nothing to do, also with android, same result on 5’’ touch LCD as you can see in photo

So at moment this VIM1S Is unusuable for me.