VIM1 unable to multi-boot

Running Android9_V211022 on VIM1_V1.2 (2GB ram with 8GB emmc)
I’m trying to install Armbian 22.08 Jammy XFCE on emmc from microsd(Image burned using Etcher).
I’m unable to boot from microsd. Please help.

Hello @nnmanobala

Can you use key mode to boot from SD card ?

I can enter upgrade mode and use the flasher tool to flash android images, but I’m unable to boot from microsd. If I press the key combination for upgrade mode with the microsd, I get weird graphic glitches and the device boots into Android(from emmc).

Hello @nnmanobala

You can also try to erase the eMMC storage and then you can boot from the SD card.

I’m not aware how it works, but won’t erasing emmc brick it? I’m willing to give it a shot.

Erased emmc and was able to boot from microsd. I’ve now installed Armbian to emmc successfully. Thank you @numbqq