VIM1 S905X MultiOS_3in1 (Android+Libreelec+Linux) install to eMMC

A test version of the system MultiOS_3_in_1 for model VIM Pro 2gb\16gb. The details of usage you can read in this thread.

Pay attention to the difference - for VIM1 (S905X) you need to use the archive


and the script


Link to the directory with the files and scripts here.

If, after installation, when you first turn on the system (if running Android), the system does not start within 10 minutes, need to turn off the power and turn on VIM again. When first starting Linux, the system itself should automatically reboot. Only after the secondary run Linux, you can get to work.


Please to those who have installed version MultiOS_3_in_1 (VIM1) is connected to the console UART or SSH test this test image.

The procedure of verification.

  1. Download archive.

  2. Unpack it.

  3. Write the archive to any media from 4 GB (SD or USB).
    Pay attention to record the file need a special program, the same as recorded image Armbian Libreelec etc.

  4. Add the dtb file. For VIM1 S905X it is recommended to use the file “kvim_multios”. For VIM2 S912 - file “kvim2_multios”.

  5. Connect the device and turn the power on.

  6. Within 3-5 minutes the system should start. Pay attention to the monitor\TV will NOT have any image, screen is black.

  7. To verify that the system is fully running, in the UART console, press the “Enter” key, in response, a new prompt should appear on the grille ( # ), this prompt is from the UART console that you can run the command.

  8. Execute the command

gst-play-1.0 /root/test1.mp4

After a few seconds, the image and sound should appear on the screen. After playback is complete, run the following command

gst-play-1.0 /root/test2.mp4

The image should appear (doesn’T make any sound, this is normal).
9. Run the "poweroff"command to shut down.

Very is welcomed - check on hardware 4K.

It is also advisable to check the commands

kplayer /root/test1.mp4


kplayer /root/test2.mp4


The second test version with kernel 3.14. If you are using this version on VIM1 and VIM2 models with MultiOS_3_in_1 systems installed, you may choose not to copy to manual dtb. On startup, the system will automatically use the dtb from the eMMC. Command to verify similar to that described earlier for the version 4.9.76. To run your test files from the video, you can burn them file to media and specify their name file when you run the player command.

Both test images can be run on the latest versions of Android\Ubuntu firmware for VIM and VIM2.