VIM1 - Retro Gaming Tutorial (Lakka OS)

I am only a casual, occasional gamer.
I have no emulator game ROMS.
I have only a simple cheap Bluetooth game controller.
I do have a VIM1.
If you get desperate for testers, I will give it a go.:grin:

Private message me if you run out of options.:laughing:

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Make it So, and RDFTKV is a game killer :slight_smile:

A master of truth stretching you are.:rofl:

we will test image with some preinstalled games !


Me Never…well once maybe twice [quote=“RDFTKV, post:9, topic:4057, full:true”]

A master of truth stretching you are.

Yes nothing to hard, RDFTKV likes to win

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I do like to win, that is true.
That explains why I am only an occasional gamer.:crazy_face:

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Looking forward to supporting VIM3

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This is good news.
Awaiting my vim1 replacement to try lakka. I did try the old one from official khadas build. It was working fine but what is the new changes in your build?

I do have few gamepad which I failed to work on the first build. I hope I can make it work in the new one.
Pm on the way

all previous builds very poor


  • extreme small size (all repacked by lzma)
  • khadas fan supported ( in test mode)
  • removed unused firmwares
  • onboard wifi OK
  • Ethernet DHCP OK
  • boot from emmc OK
  • boot from sd OK
  • khadas rc/ir control supported OK
  • preinstalled roms ( about 20 games for diff consoles )
  • simple install to emmc from sd
  • support for many new game pads and joystick
  • Bluetooth - status unknown
  • many other improvements

pls wait ! i try to write manuals ! after i will share image for testers )


plz write you devices VID:PID i will check it
all my devices works fine some needs manual configurations

PS: xbox-360 controller still best - for gamers work allays without problems )

PSS: i will send image + manual links tomorrow for everybody who make request!

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3700 or 3705? As Vim1 dont have fan control right?

Which ones?

WOW Good news.

I will share it tonight.

Perfect. Thanks for all the effort in making VIM1 alive.

Cheers Man.

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vim1_v13 vim1_v14 have fan header!

We only sell VIM1 V14, the V13 as the prototypes only for our inner team.

repost again for testers!!

VIM1 - Retro Gaming Tutorial (Lakka OS)
tnx for all! u still help us with new lakka build test!


game ROMs links collections


Official ROMs have to upload to Khadas Download :wink:


yes ! lakka image will be uploaded soon ! i need fix bluetooth support only before! i think will be done after one two days!

about ROMs links it just game collections roms ! its not lakka image for vim1 :wink:


These files are so big. Which games are these? Is it anything other than the ones hosting on official rom website?

u can use google for it for download one by one!

but ! u need to have some qualification for usage it )
i think best way for u its prepared checked collection !