VIM1 - Retro Gaming Tutorial (Lakka OS)

Hey guys, check out our latest blog post for the VIM1!


Download Lakka OS

Before your VIM1 can play retro games, you’ll need to install Lakka OS into the EMMC. Head over to and click the download link for Lakka-S905-arm-2.1-emmc.

This link to download the img is dead.
Can you upload it somewhere? I want give it a try.

Oh I see, yes the MediaFire archive has gone missing. I’ll see what I can do about it tomorrow,

Hello @Spikerguy

Here is the new link:

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This is working fine. Tried it next need to find a way to make Bluetooth working.

Thanks for the quick response Jun.


hi guys ! need a testers

we almost done new lakka build for vim1
which have full support for vim1 (wifi ir-rc fan …)

if u have some interest + vim1 + some gamer equipment ! plz send me request for testing this image via private message


!!нужны тестеры!!

мы почти полностью законцили сборку последней Lakkа для VIM1 - c полной поддержкой включая WIFI + IR/RC + fan + и много другое

если есть интерес потестировать сборку ! просто нужно отправить мне запрос в приват!

желательно иметь VIM1 и прочее игровое хозяйство !!)))


I am only a casual, occasional gamer.
I have no emulator game ROMS.
I have only a simple cheap Bluetooth game controller.
I do have a VIM1.
If you get desperate for testers, I will give it a go.:grin:

Private message me if you run out of options.:laughing:

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Make it So, and RDFTKV is a game killer :slight_smile:

A master of truth stretching you are.:rofl:

we will test image with some preinstalled games !


Me Never…well once maybe twice [quote=“RDFTKV, post:9, topic:4057, full:true”]

A master of truth stretching you are.

Yes nothing to hard, RDFTKV likes to win

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I do like to win, that is true.
That explains why I am only an occasional gamer.:crazy_face:

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Looking forward to supporting VIM3

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This is good news.
Awaiting my vim1 replacement to try lakka. I did try the old one from official khadas build. It was working fine but what is the new changes in your build?

I do have few gamepad which I failed to work on the first build. I hope I can make it work in the new one.
Pm on the way

all previous builds very poor


  • extreme small size (all repacked by lzma)
  • khadas fan supported ( in test mode)
  • removed unused firmwares
  • onboard wifi OK
  • Ethernet DHCP OK
  • boot from emmc OK
  • boot from sd OK
  • khadas rc/ir control supported OK
  • preinstalled roms ( about 20 games for diff consoles )
  • simple install to emmc from sd
  • support for many new game pads and joystick
  • Bluetooth - status unknown
  • many other improvements

pls wait ! i try to write manuals ! after i will share image for testers )


plz write you devices VID:PID i will check it
all my devices works fine some needs manual configurations

PS: xbox-360 controller still best - for gamers work allays without problems )

PSS: i will send image + manual links tomorrow for everybody who make request!

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3700 or 3705? As Vim1 dont have fan control right?

Which ones?

WOW Good news.

I will share it tonight.

Perfect. Thanks for all the effort in making VIM1 alive.

Cheers Man.

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vim1_v13 vim1_v14 have fan header!