Vim1 pro no response from both usb ports

Does anyone have experienced booting Android Pie or Ubuntu XFCE either from eMMC or SD card (booting both OS are sucessful) but no responses from both USB ports. Regardless of inserting keyboard, mouse or trump-drive, No response at all. I had tried pairing wifi mouse and keyboard but also failed.

Any recommends please.
Thank you in advance.

check +5V power supply from usb ports - maybe its broken

plz provide some linux info may be it can help

dmesg -c

insert some usb device


Thank you for your prompt attention.
I already replied by email attached the result of “sudo dmesg -c > tmp2” to you.
additional : After insert thump drive into usb port. I “lsblk” but no additional /dev/sdX
Regarding “checking v+5”. Did you mean changing power supply adapter or not ?
Many thanks

Hello, I think he refers to checking the USB ports’ 5 volt pin to see if 5 volts is present when the VIM is on.
The USB ports 5 volt line is fuse protected. I think he is wanting to determine if those fuses are intact.

@bengt Ubuntu5.5 with SD Card have a bug with USB port . It will be repair in next version firmware .

If Ubuntu 5.5 had bug, what about Android Pie? It is same. No mouse, no keyboard, no trump drive ?

Since I am not electric technician. Please tell me where is the fuses of the USB ports 5 volt. I will try or send to the technician to check it. Thank you very much.

What bug? … what patch?


Thank you for your assistance. I just plugged in a mouse and there is light on the mouse on both USB ports. Could it mean that the fuses are still intacted ?

It is a mistake…

There is a bug for VIM3 PCIe/USB (5.5-rc2, newer version not checked). When PCIe is enabled but if there is no M.2 SSD attached, then the USB will be unusable. Neil know this issue.

Yes, I would think that means the 5volt is present. Below is just FYI…

If you are still curious, as far as checking with a meter,… on the USB port, the outside pins(1 and 4) will be 5 volts and ground, respectively.


Loud and clear. Thank you very much RDFTKV.
If it help and no harmful if I insert additional power in ( 5V) near type C power in ? (total 5V + 5V at the same time).

If the 5 volts is present in the USB connector, then additional power will likely not resolve your USB issue.
That being said, what are you using to power your VIM1 Pro?

I am not clear in your meaning here, however, I don’t think I would as I don’t think it will help resolve the issue.

I used the USB type C all the time and never use additional 5v power in. Thanks

What is the current(Amps) capacity of the power supply that powers your VIM1 Pro?

I use Apple 12W USB Power Adapter since the beginning.

Should be adequate for sure. Not sure why the USB issue.

:cry: Still hopeful that there would be a solution. Thank you very much.

put another power supply on 5v.2A. and cable, for understanding

Thank you Vladimir.v.v
Will do that and report ASAP.