VIM1 issues with Ubuntu 4.9 eMMC

I see you’re using edifier tws2. How are they on call audio and mic also for the music does it have good bass?

Sorry off topic

Hi @Spikerguy, It’s just used for test.This is my colleague’s.But its performance is good whether it’s treble or bass in my Censolite process.

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I’m wondering what was the problem with BT when playing audio ? I would like to fix this in kernel 5 as well (BT works in it, but the sound is intermittent).

Hello Oleg,

I haven’t checked linux 5.0 yet, but for legacy kernel it’s an issue about HCI adapter attach.

I ever use /usr/bin/hciattach /dev/ttyS1 any, but we need to specify the id of broadcom.
/usr/local/bin/hciattach -n -s 115200 /dev/ttyS1 bcm43xx 2000000

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Hi Nick
There is no ttyS1 on kernel 5.

Yes, for linux 5.0 it’s ttyAML1.

I tried to use it, but I get an error and there is no result.

on the embedded bluetooth adapter,
when I stream audio over a2dp profile to the vim1 pro with kernel 4.9.40 and ubuntu 16.04 server,
audio works very bad because is intermitent (each 2/3 of a second, it stops for about 1/3 of second), it is totally not usable !

(i tried to use a secondary BT adapter over usb but failed miserably to make the kernel see it)

Hi @ravelo ,this problem has been solved. We will update the firmware in the next two days.I will come back to tell you that the firmware is updated.


ok, I’ve found a fix by modifying /usr/local/bin/ like this…

# Attach HCI adapter
#/usr/bin/hciattach /dev/$bt_tty any
# to fix stuttering a2dp audio...
/usr/bin/hciattach /dev/$bt_tty bcm43xx 2000000

now my ad2p stream from a phone to the vim1 is fluid and the audio is normal (sofar…)

thanks all!


Now the BT issue is resolved. Good.

What about the next 2 issues from the beginning of this thread?

Hello @ufneeme

The RTC issue has been resloved, we are trying to move to new 4.9 kernel, after all things done, we will release the image.


very glad to hear, waiting for the new EMCC image.

tested the new EMMC_V20190604 image for VIM1 from my behalf too, have no complaints about BT or RTC any more.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!