VIM1 incredibly slow

Hey y’all,

I just received my Khadas with S905X. It pretty cool and all but it is so slow and apps often crash. Even the simplest apps run slow, even its own settings menu cause it to lag. Other apps outright crash. I thought it was a decently powerful device. What am I missing here?

Sorry for the trouble you met, can you specify more detail about this, basically following information will be helpful:

  • Did you installed a new ROM on your VIM1? if yes, which version ROM you installed?
  • can you take a simple video on this to show the slow or lag issues to us?


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Also, assuming there is nothing wrong with the VIM1 itself, check the power supply, make sure is a decent one, 5V 2.0A.


Don’t know why but it’s running normally now. Perhaps it was updating/downloading something when I first booted it up. Thanks!