Vim1 Board keeps restarting after burning images

I use Android system,burn Khadas official VIM1_Pie_V211022 images on vim1 board.
I use Usb burning tools on windows,select Erase flash and Erase bootloader option

Power off and restart after burning successful,

the board always restart.,after display logo

serial port log:

I use Vim1 basic board

Look forward to your help! Thanks !

@emily Replace the power supply to see if it still appears? Or repeatedly power off and restart to see if it still appears? Is it 100%?

This problem appears every time , yesterday,I did not select Erase flash and Erase bootloader option, the board did not restart,but it keeps showing the logo

Is it that I shouldn’t choose to erase the bootloader and erase flash when I burn the images?

Is there a problem with using the Type-c data cable, must a special power adapter be used to power the board?

@emily Take off the wifi antenna and have a look.

This problem still appears when I take off the wifi anternna.
but when I unplug HDMI the board don’t restart.

Thank you very much for your help!
Replaced the power adapter and the problem is solved