Vim1 basic reset permission after ac off on

As title, I have a app that enable read file permission in vim1 basic, reset the permission every time ac off on.
Same app didn’t reset in Vim1 pro.

Anyone have same issue like this?

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you can clearly describe the problem, what app, what permissions, and what firmware? i will check

Hi Jason,
I’ve a firmware in Google drive, could you provide email so I can share to you

@jasonl hi can you try my firmware?


vim 1 firmware with

  1. ROOT enable
  2. remove home launcher (Launcher3)
  3. preinstall customized Launcher app.

the launcher app needs SuperSU to enable su.
and the launcher app needs enable Storage permission.

currently only on vim1 basic the storage permission reset every time ac off on.

@mathias you are using google firmware, not our official firmware? If so, it is difficult to solve this problem

Hi Jason,
I build firmware followed khadas website and add some customization as describe before.
source build/envsetup, lunch kvim-userdebug, make -j2 otapackage

@mathias you give me all your modifications, and I will try to reproduce your problem and solve it

@jasonl thanks for your helping, can you give me your email that I can share google drives to you.


Hi Jason,
I invited you to google drive
please help to check this issue.


@mathias sorry for late reply,today i will check this issue

@mathias i have burned the firmware you provided,when the board boot up ,should i select the SyncVideo app as Home ? when i select the SyncVideo ,it can not show app list ,so i select launcher3 as Home,and did the steps according to the syncvideo_setup.png,it seems SyncVideo can not play the video.mp4

can you explain the issue?

have you add the storage permission in AndroidManifest.xml

Only first time boot have to accept permission.
For vim1 pro, once accepted then system won’t ask after reboot.
But on vim1 basic, system ask everytime rebooting.

which permission you mean?

Storage permission, same as asking on first launch

I’m not sure what problem you are trying to solve, do not let system ask everytime rebooting ?

As my steps, I’ll set app as home launcher.
After burning firmware, set as home launcher, then accept permission. These setup only have to perform 1 time.

When I use vim1 pro, after first time setup it don’t popup ask permission while reboot.
But vim1 basic ask permission everytime rebooted.

My question is why vim1 basic acts different with vim1 pro?
I buy several vim1 basic boards as substitute my vim1 pro boards.