Vim1, all USB ports are not data transferable (even usb-c)

I have a vim 1 with os layout:

  • coreelec in emmc
  • krescue in sdcard
  • one usb hub with wifi dongle, mouse/kb dongle and usb flash drive with separate power supply.

One day, I couldn’t ping to my vim. After checking it out, all USB ports were not data transferable (resulted in not working peripherals ), even though they all ccould be used as power supply as CoreELEC could be booted into (but can’t connect to or control).
I booted up krescue, result was the same, HDMI output was fine but couldn’t control even with keyboard hooked directly on Type-A port. Then I remembered krescue could be controlled directly with Type-C to Type-A cable to a computer. Tried that and result was the same, could not connect to USB ip.
I guess that the data transfer capability of all USB ports is gone.
Is there anything I can do?