Vim vs Vim Pro specs

Please forgive me a stupid questions but I have not much knowledge about it.
Vim Pro have 16g of internal storage and dual band wifi. Why is it worth paying few more bucks to get those specs? Would I be able to use DualOS on 8g version? Is dual band required for miracast or other streaming services? What would be the most common use of those specs against 8g version?

###Hardware Specs:

  • VIM Pro: AC WIFI, and VIM specs as 2.4G WIFI. Both support Miracast / DLNA
  • VIM Pro: 16GB eMMC Storage, and VIM specs as 8GB

Dual OS

Both VIM and VIM Pro support dual OS, but with a little bit different:
1) VIM Pro: Support Android OS + Ubuntu / LibreELEC DualOS ROM eMMC installation.
2) VIM: Support Android OS on eMMC, but Ubuntu / LibreELEC should be installed on external TF card.

Thank you for the answer. Now I understand the thing about 16g of eMMC but don’t really get why is dual-band wifi that much better. I have 100Mb internet at home. What kind of speeds can I expect with single-band and dual-band chipset? What if I connect the board with LAN cable? Is there any other use of wifi rather than miracast and similar?
I’m more asking for an advice rather than technical explanation now :smiley:

Take a look this topics for WIFI details.

I wanted to add that if you plan to run the triple or dual boot system, the 16GB model is the way to go.
But otherwise, for data, Android 6 will allow an SD card to be used to expand system storage.

I saw the topic about wifi performance but would like to see the comparison between vim and vim pro.

The following two embedded pages go over the various different Ampak modules. The two chips that are used by Khadas are the AP6212 and AP6255. It appears the theoretical limit for the AP6212 is around 40Mbps and for the AP6255 is around 150Mbps. The best Ampak chip I’ve seen in an Amlogic box is the AP6356S which is 866Mbps and when I tested it with my router got around 300Mbps sustained via iperf3 next to my router.

However the datasheet claims a different number, not sure why there is a discrephancy though.

The AP6212 datasheet says it is 72.2Mbps instead.

AP6212 Datasheet

The AP6255 datasheet says that it is 433Mbps instead.

AP6255 Datasheet

AP6xxx Module Scope-2015-N

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Anybody here buys from Geekbuying? Saw the Khadas Vim Pro for $64

Both Geekbuying and Gearbest sell the Vims. I have ordered items from both retailers, all went well for me. Select the insurance and tracking number options for safety.
If one lives in the US, Gearbest has the Vim Pro in their US warehouse. Good price, limited time and supply.

I don’t know if Geekbuying has someone on this forum yet.
Gearbest has someone on this forum.

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Hi, Yaniris:
As what RDFTKV said above, both Gearbest and Geekbuying are the retailers of Khadas VIM with the same price, you can choose one to purchase.

In my opinion, DualBoot of the Android VS LibreELEC from the eMMC in the VIM is possible, just reduce the data partition of the Android.
But yes, this may not allow to store as much as the 16GB eMMC.