Vim in a commercial product with gpu access

I would like to know if is possible to use the Vim / Vim pro in a commercial product,
my concern is about the Mali gpu license for the user space (

I am looking for a board with the gpu that can works in framebuffer mode (no X).


Hi, Piter:
Khadas VIM is powered by Amlogic S905X, and specs as 750MHz Penta core Mali-450. As we known:

  • Mali is open source at Mali GPU Drivers.
  • Amlogic also have open source project to support at Openlinux
  • Khadas Team also works to get GPU running at Ubuntu, will release demo ROM soon.

As what you said, may I know what’s your aiming product?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply,

Its a project where its necessary the GLES 2.0 support in the framebuffer mode , (I can’t say more here).

Yes Mali is open-source but the user space is a binary that looking at that page only for few model is possible to re-distribute to the third-party. And for the Mali-450 seems that is no possible , but maybe I am wrong.

I know that for the kernel side its all free/gpl and should already exists, my concern is specific to the in user-space (the blob that do the real stuffs…)

Have you a timeline for the demo image ?

Another question could we get a license for the Mali from you ?

Sorry I am wrong we can’t get the license from you , you are the licensee from Mali, so should be fine the license.

We will release Ubuntu-Mate-16.04 next week.

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Sounds good,
you’ll release also the for X and framebuffer (in some repos o directly into the image) ?

Great news! With a proper kernel, Docker should work too (I guess)