Vim 4 - CorElec / Kodi Ambassador

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others ?

**With Android 11 temporarily. But maybe CorElec soon.**

Hello, I allow myself to share with you an idea of collaboration mentioned on the CoreElec forum.

What do you think about this ; do you think such a collaboration is possible ? Do you know Khadas’ objectives with Oowow ? Thanks

“While waiting for CorElec, I discover a little about the capabilities of the VIM4. The system speed is exceptional for its size. And the really smooth and comfortable 4k display, compared to the Vim3. But above all, I just experimented with OOWOW to install a new OS (from Android 11 to Unbutu) without the need for a PC, or any other device. It’s simply revolutionary as we save time! I imagine the future of CorElec if a Rom was offered on the server of the OOWOW system, this VIM4 could become the ambassador of CorElec. Such a proposal should motivate Khadas to work with you…”

tnx for notification
wellcome please send me all ideas etc … as private messages to me @hyphop

Thank you for this consideration. But I have no more idea for the moment. Would you like me to email this to you ?