VIM 3 XPWR pads Voltage

Hello Guys,

I want to connect a external power button to the VIM 3.

Before I can decide which button, does anyone know the Voltage of the XPWR pads? Any possibility to control the voltage?

Thank you so much for your help.

Best Regards, Noah

Hi @noahansen , and welcome to the forum
I believe the Voltage across the XPWR pads is approximately 5v (according to my measurements…),
that voltage is controlled by the internal circuitry, not sure you can manipulate it to get the voltages you require… maybe you can try using a resistor in your circuit in series to bring the voltage down if you like…

All the best

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Thank you! I will try it with 5V.

I’m sorry, as to regard, a 5v tolerant switch ?
the power button needs to be a simple Momentary switch, I believe you know that :slight_smile:

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Yes, I know about the momentary switch. But I have a second board which I want to start with the same button and the Voltage must be the same. If they have different voltages, I will run into problems. Thank you!

You welcome :slight_smile:
(I do suggest using a DPDT switch in that case, might be a bit hard to find, but it is worth it)

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I have to use a Normal momentory switch. I already have the installed GPIO Board. Thanks for the Help!!

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sure, best of luck to your project!