Vim 3 pro Android SDK


We are looking to purchase VIM3 Pro development board for building an ASOP TV with some enhanced audio capabilities.
I wanted to check while we procure a vim 3 pro board do we get android pie SDK with the board?
Does VIM 3 pro has Dolby digital Plus /or Dolby Atmos support?

Kindly suggest


No that have a different soc i guess S922x-(H) (J)
Something like that. Idk which one have dolby super H or J variant. Check for amlogic specs sheet for detailed information.

yes,here is the download link
[Download The Android Source Code | Khadas Documentation]

Thanks Jason for the response.

What does optional mean as mentioned in specs
i.e. Dolby Digital plus optional, Dolby digital optional, Dolby DTS optional?


it means these feature are supported by soc

Ok. So how can we use Dobly digital Plus on vim 3 pro, any API’s etc for same?

Is there Android 11 also available?