VIM 3 Digital pins

Which Khadas SBC do you use?

VIM 3 Basic

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?



I would like to know which pins on the 40 pins can be set as digital input/ digital output. I need around 23 I/O pins. can any of the 40 pins except the 5V,3.3, 1.8V and GND pins be configured as digital input or output.

I would appreciate it if you could list the pins

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I am also wondering this question. Got an alternative solution that is using spi based gpio extender. Is there a way for use i2c or i2s pins as a GPIO pin?

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Hello @Balaji @Balaji

Just edit file /boot/env.txt to remove uart3 pwm_f i2c3 i2s i node overlays= to release the GPIOs.


I already tried this method and really worked fine. However i am still working for change the pins 18-19-25-26 as gpio pins. Also i don’t know these pins are able to change.

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No, you can’t use such pins as GPIO.

PIN18 & PIN19 used for serial debug uart.
PIN25 & PIN26 used for I2C, MCU will use it, so you can’t disable it.


Where can I find information on ADC as the page below is unavailable,

Can you please send me the link to find information on setting up and configuring ADC.

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Hello @Balaji will check and update here.


I will update the document later today.

Okay, thank you and @numbqq

I do see the document to enable I2C using device tree overlay.

Can you please guide me into how I can access device tree overlay on VIM3 Ubuntu 20.04 Khadas official image emmc flash, as I get the error: permission denied or no such directory exists even under root.

Is there any documentation or video that explains the steps on how to do it?

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Hello @Balaji

Please check here:

Hi Ivan, can you please provide the link to the document.

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Hi @Balaji
Please refer to and welcome valuable comments on this document. Have a nice day!