VIM 3 as Opnsense / Pfsense Firewall

Hi everyone,
I’m wondering if anyone ever tried to use the VIM3 with a USB networkcard as a firewall?
I would really love to use it as my firewall.
Thanks and
BR Joerg

Once someone build freebsd port for vim3 then you should be able to get opnsense on it.

For now there is no bsd for vim3.

Openwrt should be fine but its not a full fledge security software like opnsense and pfsense.

Today its will be Openwrt only
Belive me its same security if u have good Linux skills
I have test openwrt on VIMS devices day by day and I can say looks like its stable

FreeBsd for amlogic not exist
But u can ask @SleepWalker he have some information about how to make it

U can help in freeBSD testing for VIM EDGE
Its already works

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