VIM(2GB+16GB) and Pioneer. I ask for help of developers

Good afternoon! I apologize for my English, a transfer is made by the online translator.
I ask for your help in the solution of the following task:
I do automobile multimedia system based on VIM1(2GB+16GB) and the Pioneer FH-X730BT autoradio tape recorder.
It is possible to connect the device on Android through USB connection to the radio tape recorder. The sound then will go via Pioneer, I will be able to manage Pioneer by means of Android and vice versa.
I tried to make it with my phone (Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro) and the tablet of Samsung. Everything works perfectly, at connection on USB on the smartphone is automatically started the application Pioneer ARC is in advance installed and everything works.
VIM does not manage to be connected!
(a food of VIM is performed via the additional VIN socket. I connect to Pioneer through type-C)
On the website of Pioneer it is written that work requires the device supporting the AOA 2.0 protocol)

Whether it is possible to connect VIM to Pioneer?

Firmware VIM_Nougat_V171028

VIMs should be fine if Android Phones works.

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Uselessly. Tried to install “Vim_Nougat_Root_170612”, the result is the same. Pioneer sees VIM as IPod/USB and therefore produces an error.
I turned to DaveMF and installed his firmware, too. The result is similar. DaveMF said that USB OTG works only in debug mode to install new firmware. What to do in my situation he doesn’t know.
Please help in resolving the issue from the first post.

VIMs should be fine if Android Phones works.

If so, then when I connect the VIM to a PC via USB-C it should be determined on the computer, I can log in internal memory, copy and move files, etc.
the Standard operation for phones and tablets.

But with VIM it does not. Writes that the device is not recognized…